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Where have all the cowboys gone?

Remember the song by Paula Cole? Yes, from the 80s. I had this song stuck in my head and for good reason.

Where have all the cowboys gone? Maybe I need to move to Texas? Ohio is lacking them. People are silent. No one is asking questions. People are angry but not at the right people.

The TV should not be where you gather evidence from. Probably shouldn't even get news from there. DEFINITELY not health advice. What is going on? Where do we go from here?

I want some leadership in the medical community to do the work, ask the questions and provide informed consent. It's not happening. It's big money and big pharma that wins.

We used to call people that knew everything "cowboys" in the ER or would say "this isn't my first rodeo" well let's do the work, read the studies and not be biased.

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