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Ohio HB No. 248

See the bill here.

This is not a dangerous bill, this is a bill about medical freedom and anti-discrimination.

Especially when we know from a pre-print study from the Cleveland Clinic that individuals that have had covid infection are "unlikely to benefit from COVID-19 vaccination and vaccines can safely be prioritized to those who have not been infected before."

More research pieces:

"In summary, the current COVID‐19 vaccine research and development involves people from many countries, which raises ethical issues that must be addressed by all stakeholders. Even in the emergency of a pandemic, the urgency of providing an effective COVID‐19 vaccine for humankind must be balanced with the exigency of research ethics that must be maintained. In any event, the safety and well‐being of research subjects must be protected, especially that of vulnerable subjects."


"An effective vaccine is the best long-term solution to the COVID-19 pandemic."

It seems we can also rely on our antibodies,

"Antibody responses to many viral infections wane so slowly that lifelong immunity is maintained, with plasma cells and B-memory cells playing central roles in resistance to reinfection."

You would think slow and steady wins the race with proper studies,

"If a vaccine is proven effective even as early as the first few months of 2021, then the accomplishment will have sliced many years off the usual timeline for vaccine development."

Your medical information is YOUR medical information. In the United States of America. The physician and patient relationship is at stake. The thing that horrifies me is that I have had many people tell me that they felt pressured to get the vaccine, even when they have already had COVID and they knew it didn't make sense.

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