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Pandemic thoughts, coming off a night shift

I got some negative feedback on this IG post. I wanted to clarify somethings. This was not meant to be negative or hurtful. Actually, it's overall positive. Thank you to all of you wonderful people out there, doing amazing things, and being prepared.

Some definitions.



adj.1. Concerned chiefly or excessively with oneself, and having little regard for others: a selfish child who wouldn't sharetoys. 2. Showing or arising from an excessive concern with oneself and a lack of concern for others: a selfish whim.



adj.1. Lacking or exhibiting a lack of good sense or judgment; silly: a foolish boy; a foolish purchase. 2. Capable of arousing laughter; absurd or ridiculous: a foolish grin. 3. Embarrassed; abashed: I feel foolish telling you this. 4. Insignificant; trivial: foolish little knickknacks.


orna·ïve(nī-ēv′, nä-)alsona·iforna·ïf(nī-ēf′, nä-)

adj.1. Lacking worldly experience and understanding, especially:a. Simple and guileless; artless: a child with a naive charm. b. Unsuspecting or credulous: naive victims of the scam. 2. Showing or characterized by a lack of sophistication and critical judgment: "this extravagance of metaphors, with itsnaive bombast" (H.L. Mencken). 3. Not having experienced or been subjected to something, as:a. Not previously subjected to experiments: testing naive mice. b. Not having previously taken or received a particular drug: patients naive to antipsychotic medication.

Why are we staying home? 👩🏼‍⚕️ To protect the vulnerable. We are being unselfish and staying home to protect those that can not protect themselves. If you are not doing this that was asked of you, you are selfish. If you are not wearing a mask properly in public, you are being foolish. If you are not supporting your immune system, you are being naive. We will get through this. It is hard but we need to be good citizens and good people. I don't think a few more weeks of staying home is going to hurt anyone, it will save lives. It's a race against time to find what works best to battle this virus. I know there is a fear of the government forcing us to do things we don't want to do. We live in America, I don't think this will happen. Now, we do live in America and things are corrupt in the health care system. However, we need to sit back and realize this is a pandemic. A pandemic. There have been other pandemics, this one is a little bit more deadly then some others. This is why there is an emphasis on flattening the cure. When we start opening things up again, it will be ok, for most. For some it will mean increased risk. For those, I would recommend to continue to stay home and not participate in risky behavior. I would also recommend to work on your health. Your health is your most precious asset. Be a healthy body weight, keep your blood glucose levels balanced, eat healthy food (food is medicine), meditate, and get good sleep. If you are on tons of medications get off of them by getting healthy. Implement top supplements into your regimen. I have spoken about them before- the basics- Vitamin D, Omega-3s, Magnesium and Probiotics. Together we can do this! Together we need to support each other!

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