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Ok, I am getting in on the #medbikini posts because it's INSANE that women are still treated this way in 2020. We can wear bikinis no matter what shape or size. We can LOVE our healthy bodies. We can have an alcoholic beverage with friends and post about it online.

You know what isn't ok? A surgical resident telling me as a medical student that "women should not be allowed to go to medical school, they will just have babies and stay home with them where they should be." Yep, that was in 2010.... It's 2020 and I am sure women are still being treated like this. How do I know? Because this article came out (swipe) and I still have have issues coming back from maternity leave with Em with my ER work, still. It breaks my heart. 

Women, let's hear your roar, let's dominate, let's raise the babies and work the jobs. Let's also love our husbands and our sons. No hate, but love and equality! 

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