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Mask Letter

This is a letter I am sending to our zoo, The Toledo Zoo. In November 2020 they adopted an outdoor mask policy, which is not based on science.

I looked up the Toledo code they site and it actually does not mention a mandatory outdoor masking.

The Toledo Zoo policy says in accordance with

TMC 521.12 Face coverings required

Well, I did read it and they are not required outdoors.

" (2) In any outdoor space under the control of a place of business where or when a person is unable to maintain or does not maintain physical separation of not less than six feet from others who are not members of their own household."

During the summer and fall of 2020 there was not an outdoor mask policy at the zoo.

I feel as though, as a physician, we need to stop mixing politics with medicine (or science at all). This is why I am speaking out, this is my wheelhouse and when something can potentially be doing harm, I can't keep quiet.

Below is a copy of my letter you can sign and use if you would like.

Mask Letter
Download PDF • 70KB

Facts over fear.

In health,

Dr. Jen

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