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The question that isn't being answered by my colleagues.

Can we please talk about this? Not only are we not demanding studies that we should be- we are ignoring adverse reactions. Not only ignoring them, not reporting them and then telling patients to continue to take a pharmaceutical that made them sick! WHAT? Sorry, I had to scream because I AM SO FRUSTRATED.

Check these messages out I received.

As a medical doctor I CAN NOT sit by and tell people that these are normal reactions. They are not. What I can do is share the information so others know to advocate for themselves and loved ones. This should be reported and classified as an adverse reaction.

I still remember when I was working an ER shift and reported an adverse reaction to a pediatrician and they kept telling me it wasn't. I stood my ground and told them they needed to report it and I would be telling the patient to follow up.

If we are reporting adverse reactions to medications and vaccines how do we truly know the safety? It seems very biased.

I'm still over here waiting for a double blinded placebo controlled study.

In Health,

Dr. Jen

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