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Epigenetics and toxins

Toxins and our future children

What we are exposed to in our environment not only affects our health, it affects the health of our children through epigenetic transgenerational inheritance. Exposure to things like BPA, Dioxins, Hydrocarbons or Pesticides can induce a permanent epigenetic change/ 

BPA is found everywhere from grocery store receipts ro plastic water bottles. Phthalates are bad also and are found in children's toys and even beauty supplies. Pesticides like permethrin and DEET are commonly used and sprayed. Dioxin can be found in meats, eggs, and dairy more commonly, this persistent chemical takes years to degrade in the soil and accumulates in fat. Hydrocarbons are also found in the environment, one example is jet fuel. 

A study (in rats) showed these environmental factors can cause issues such as early onset puberty. decreased follicle size in females, methylation problems and issues with sperm production. 

We need to start before with preconception planning. Reducing toxins now.

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