Frequently asked questions

Won’t my student be too busy with their classes and activities to take on an extra program like this?

Your College Partner program is purposefully short and sweet--all the components can be done in less than an hour using separate 20-minute chunks through the week. And the work addresses already existing assignments, so using YCP actually makes your student’s “regular” school work go faster. For tips on how to suggest YCP to your student, see this brochure.

What if my student doesn’t do the YCP modules?

The weekly interactive step of the program requires each student to submit their action plan, based on what they learned in the video and pdf guide. If a student misses 2 plans in a row, their parent or guardian is notified of the missing interaction. At that point they can get back on track or cancel (if it’s still in refund period).

What if we start the program, and it’s not a good fit?

No problem. YCP is fully refundable until week 4. Try the first 3 weeks and decide for yourselves whether the extra support is worth the investment.

I think YCP is a really important add-on to my child’s first semester! How can I get him/her/them to see it as a good idea?

You’re right to note that we must have the student’s buy-in in order for the program to work. Fortunately all students have one thing in common: they want to do well. (If they don’t, they are intentionally sabotaging their future, and we should consider some more serious interventions about that!) I take that central desire for success and couple it with lots of humor, good will, and expert support. This recipe usually converts even the most skeptical of students. For tips on how to suggest YCP to your student, see this brochure.

What if they follow the program, but forget the ideas after their first semester?

Great news! You get to keep the YCP modules forever. I always recommend that students go back in a year and re-watch to parts that would serve as helpful reminders. They can re-work the planning guide and create limitless action plans to help them manage the increasing challenges of their future.

Doesn’t my child’s school already offer support like this? Why pay extra?

Possibly, yes. Every institution is different. The effectiveness of support services varies widely, but more importantly, whether a student fully engages those services varies even more widely. Some reasons that campus support may be less effective:

  • Because their services are on campus, some students are reluctant to show up. They may feel uneasy about which classmates they’ll see and/or whether it’s safe to talk about faculty problems there, etc.
  • Many students report that even the best-run support centers are mass produced, serving thousands of students at a time. YCP has a smaller, limited enrollment so that I can provide more personalized attention to each student cohort.
  • Most college support services are not run by college faculty of education--my knowledge about student learning and my perspective as a professor is unique and impactful.
One module in YCP guides the students to get to know the campus services that are available to them. I see YCP as a vital stepping stone to students learning how to use their campus support options more effectively, whatever those supports are.

Can I be inside the program too? I’d like to see what they’re learning.

Sorry, this one is a no. Given the vital role of independence in college, students need to do YCP alone. Including parents inside the work reduces its effectiveness. Of course I hope your student will fill you in on their experience--and if it’s less than super happy, let me know. Also, our “syllabus” of modules is on this site to inform you of the key topics. You are, however, strongly encouraged to join my free Facebook community “Your College Partner,” a group just for caring parents like you! You’ll meet other parents and can post questions and responses to others.

I’m still not sure if this program is right for us. How can I get more information?

Let’s chat! Use this form (link to website) to request a call and I’ll gladly talk through the decision with you and your student. I’m fully committed to the success of every student and will gladly dialogue with you about your situation.

I’d like to purchase this program, but money is tight. Are there any discount options?

I am committed to providing this program to any student who needs it. If you and your family are experiencing financial hardship, I’ll be glad to identify ways to reduce the cost for you. Use this form (link to website) to request a scholarship and we can go from there.

What about students whose parents aren’t able to advocate for them? Am I hurting them by providing more opportunity and privilege to my child?

Equity in education is a serious concern for me, as an education professor and former school social worker. We strive to offset this problem by donating 10% of all YCP profit to organizations that address educational disparities. Fall 2020 donations will be made to Breakthrough Collaborative. Know that while your student is doing well, you’re also doing good in our world through our contributions!